Friday, June 10, 2011

Blog B Gone

SO done with Blogger.

A blog I deleted several years ago is nonetheless there, with, apparently, somebody else's email associated with the account. I'm aware that when you delete a blog you risk someone else taking over the URL, but that's not what I'm talking about. All the old posts are there too. My posts. Except I can't access them.

Would love to discuss this with Blogger, but, oh, you can't! No support for you. No email, ever. You can follow 60 automated links that have nothing to do with your problem, and then when they don't solve your problem, your only recourse is to post about it in a public forum. Um. Okay.

Obviously this is not a service I pay for, and as such, Blogger is free to alienate me with their crappy practices all they like. I'm not making any demands. But as with Facebook, I'm also not obligated to support a service that has no respect whatsoever for the privacy of its users.

Maybe I'll just get Twitter. It's not like I ever have anything to say that couldn't be said in less than 15 words anyway.

Will leave this up for a bit so my peeps know what happened to me. And I'd better delete all my posts before I delete the blog entirely, now that I know Blogger doesn't actually know what the word "delete" means.

Edit: At Gekko's lovely suggestion, I set up a Wordpress bloggie instead here. I was just playing around with it and don't have all my peeps in the link section yet, so don't yell at me. Or do yell at me, and that way I'll get to it quicker, whichever.


gekko said...

Lotta former blogger peeps going to Dunno if they have the same issues that blogler/blugspot have, tho.

I host my own.

Aileen said...

i was kinda creeped out to find my very first original blog name now private.

Don said...

My first was taken over, it appears, to be a test bed for spambot software. It has been dead and quiet for several years.

Paula's old one is re-animated by someone in another country, with her original posts. I don't know the point of that as there's no evidence of traffic.

I always enjoy what you have to say here and am sad to see you go. Why go? Too much of a distraction? Not meeting some oddball standard? There are good reasons to stop doing a thing, I just don't know what they are on this thing.

Twitter. Ha ha ha. I still don't get why it exists. The usage model makes absolutely no sense to me.

Oh, on killing blogs, you can hide it and just keep the account. That way you retain control. I wish I had done that for hippolyte.b.c.

Teacake said...

Why go?

Because I'm mad at Blogger and throwing a hissy fit, dur. I'm way too childish to "support," with my traffic of 5 peeps, this huge conglomerate that I'm pissed off at and who will obviously suffer greatly from my absence.

Wordpress is a good idea. Paula uses them I think. Will check it out.

Bob said...

I hope you don't mind if I link to your new one. Your posts are entertaining and funny.

Google/Blogger is now an empire and one day we might be paying taxes to them. (joke)

It's tardy of them to let what has happened to you go the way it has. Good luck with your new wordpress blog.

Anonymous said...

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